Nourish, recharge & reconnect through yoga, fitness, and healing rituals on the magical Yucatán Peninsula. 
If you want to challenge your mind and body, 
ignite positive shifts and create meaningful connections with like-minded people, this trip is for you!
You’ve taken a sacred pause from life's hectic to do’s to enjoy a nourishing escape of pamper and play… 

Stepping out onto the soft sugary white sand, you feel the pulse of PachaMama (Mother Earth) energize up your feet. Your toes grip deeper into the sand and you connect to this nurturing energy. It spirals up your body, warming your spirit and awakening your senses. Your heart opens wide!

You love the moist Caribbean breeze quenching your thirsty skin. Staring out into the beautiful sea, you are spellbound…azure waters ease the tension around around your eyes. You are now unplugged. 

Asanas to the soundtrack of tropical birds and swaying palm trees flood you with peace and pleasure. Walking under a stunning canopy of tropical trees, rays of sunlight caress your face. 

Immersed in lush, vibrant nature, you begin to reconnect to your roots. A sense of magic abounds.

On a trek through the jungle, you discover a cenote... the magical emerald-blue pools with pristine waters you've only heard about... the the sacred wells where the Maya communicated with the gods. Your heart beats wildly as you you dive in....
The retreat in Tulum was everything that I expected and wanted from the experience, and more. I loved the casual nature of the itinerary. The classes taught were outstanding. The environment was very comfortable and everything was well organized. Thank you for making the trip easy and enjoyable.


Welcome. You've arrived at the sweet spot of life... 
This is a fork between relaxation and adventure. A place of curiosity and joy. 

It's when you're lost in this way, that you begin to find yourself.

Oh the slow paced pursuit of wonder and play! 
Afternoons free for enjoying a massage, a well-earned snooze in the hammock, or an all out adventure with a soul tribe of like-minded individuals who totally get you. 

How refreshing to feel completely supported on this journey of self-love.

You discover an inner knowing, that this is exactly where you need to be. 

You’ve made the right decision to honor yourself, devoting the time to practice self-care rituals that nourish and revitalize you physically and mentally.

By the end of this journey...
You will have reset, recharged and rediscovered yourself - including your fears, hidden dreams and desires. 

Exciting adventures, new friendships and lifelong memories leave you feeling refreshed and inspired to live your life with joy and confidence. 

By immersing yourself in spectacular natural surroundings, incorporating rejuvenating rituals for beauty and balance, you return to your deepest, truest vitality. 

You go home and step into your life with unrestrained energy, charisma, and magnetism. Your interactions with the world around you become brighter, healthier, more productive and positive. 

More relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been, you've claimed a sense of inner peace - providing you with a wellspring of energy and strength for the year. 

Your cup overflows...there is plenty of laughter, joy and optimism to go around.
My Heart Says Yes
The Magic of Tulum
Located in the Yucatán Península in the state of Quintana Roo, southeastern México, Tulum is known for its raw natural beauty and unmistakable magnetic energy. 

Nestled between white pristine beaches and a lush tropical jungle, Tulum is the heart of the Mayan World and home to one of the most beautiful ancient ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Soaring pyramids, elaborately decorated temples and long-hidden murals, all attest to the magnificence and mystery of this ancient civilization.

Located in the Yucatán Península in the state of Quintana Roo, southeastern México, Tulum is known for its raw natural beauty and unmistakable magnetic energy. 

Nestled between white pristine beaches and a lush tropical jungle, Tulum is the heart of the Mayan World and home to one of the most beautiful ancient ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Soaring pyramids, elaborately decorated temples and long-hidden murals, all attest to the magnificence and mystery of this ancient civilization.

You will get lost in the beauty surrounding Tulum, through snorkeling, diving, biking, horseback riding and exploring. 
There's also the shopping! This tropical paradise is dotted with one-of-a-kind boutiques where you'll find your own special treasure to bring home.

Tulum’s hip, yet down to earth vibe is like no other. What makes this rustically charming artsy town extremely unique is the conscious respect and synergy it's developed with it’s natural surroundings. Businesses are all eco-friendly and powered by sustainable energy sources. It truly is a yoga town.

Your Sanctuary on the Beach
Amansala is the perfect sanctuary to host our journey. This eco-boutique resort all about style, comfort, and breathtaking beaches. 

A tranquil setting that embodies community, yet space to relax - like on the beautiful sunset lounge where the jungle stretches for as far as the eyes can see. Perfect for star gazing, sun rises, sunsets or soaking up some sun. 

All rooms are light, airy & beautifully styled with an eco-chic signature bohemian feel. Complete with soft furnishings, candles, incense, fresh flowers and purified water… you’ll find your room provides the perfect setting for relaxing and sleeping. 

Most rooms have a large sitting area and outdoor terrace – perfect for lazing the afternoon away with a book or with friends. The bathrooms all have large wardrobe spaces, vanity and dressing area.

As one of the leading retreat centers in the world, they’ve built a reputation based on friendly hospitality, attention to detail and adapting to the needs of the growing yoga community. 

My Soul is Ready!
Divine Holistic Cuisine

Let the culinary team at Amansala, led by talented local chefs, allow you to enjoy well-deserved break from cooking or figuring out your next meal.

The on-site restaurant at the Amansala Resort is known for delicious and health conscious locally sourced, farm-to-table organic menu that has always emphasized fresh, local ingredients. 

Amansala’s sophisticated food program has been designed to help maximize your healing and growth. You will get to experience the benefits of what a truly healthy diet can bring into your life. 

All meals are prepared based on our philosophy of “from the earth to your plate”. It consists of all local chemical free food such as fresh caught grilled fish, organic chicken, fresh fruit such as mango, papaya, and pineapple. 

A variety of delicious signature salads that incorporate jicima, pumpkin seeds, and chia and leave you satisfied, yet lighter and cleaner. The kitchen is open all day and caters to every palate while committing to service to any special dietary needs.
This retreat was one of the best experiences/vacations I have ever been on! 
I loved the organization by TruFusion, communication was spot on, and the activities/excursions were super fun!

Carla I.


✓  You need a break from the busyness of your daily life. 
​✓  It seems like there is never enough time for yourself!
​​✓  You crave time to rest and rejuvenate in a luxurious space.
✓  You long to feel in sync with natural seasons, rhythms, and cycles.
✓  You yearn for deeper connection with yourself and/or others.
✓  You desire a mental and physical detox.
✓  You want to tone and shape your best body ever.
✓  You are ready to blaze your own trail and live life boldly!
​✓  You've been wanting to fulfill your dreams but not sure how to get there... 


✓  You want to stay stuck in your same old routine.
​✓  If you don’t like the idea of being nourished and pampered.
​✓  If adventure and exploration bore you.
​✓  If you want to continue to place everyone else’s needs above your own.
​✓  If you want to continue to pent up stored emotional baggage.

My Soul is Ready!
Our Journey: 8 Reasons Why You Can't Miss this Retreat
  • Experience TruFusion, Tulum style! The Coral Gables team has curated an exclusive program of yoga, fitness, personal growth and nourishment.
  • ​A foodie paradise, Tulum is a retreat for your taste buds alone.  Along with daily fresh chef prepared meals at the resort, explore the plethora of delightful eateries from hip vegan cafes to incredibly authentic Mexican cuisine. 
  • As a true Yoga town, Tulum will bring out your inner hippie. Sprinkled with chic bohemian boutiques, yoga studios and matcha cafes, you will come know zen on earth. 
  • ​Detox through a traditional clay ritual led by a local shaman. Designed as a ceremony to aid in letting go of the old to make room for the new, while at the same time releasing toxins and replenishing minerals into the body leaving you silky smooth and deeply cleansed. 
  • ​Explore the hidden wonderland of submerged caves, sunken labyrinths, and tunnels flooded with fresh water. We'll take a bike ride to meet our guide, who will lead us on a jungle walk to discover a beautiful hidden cenote, where we kayak, take a dip, or just relax and enjoy the setting. 
  • ​We've intentionally carved out time and space for extra pampering.  Enjoy treatments at the amazing in- house spa at Amansala, which is known for unique Mayan Healing treatments that incorporate both traditional practices with more modern techniques, offering a truly unique, once in a lifetime, Tulum healing experience.
  • ​The ancient ruins of Tulum are one of the top archaeological sites in the world - a must on your bucket list. The most well preserved of the Mayan cities, stands on a bluff facing the rising sun, looking out on views of the Caribbean that are nothing less than spectacular. 
Your Trip Leaders
Peter Wollenheit
Recognized for his ability to conduct warm and inviting classes that foster an invigorating, centering, and calming environment, Peter Wollenheit is the Director of Yoga at TruFusion Coral Gables.

Since early age, Peter worked in the service industry across Europe.  A  former flight attendant for the German Airline Lufthansa, Peter always enjoyed creating interpersonal relationships with people from all over the world. 

As Peter realized his passion for foreign cultures and languages, he discovered his greatest passion: Yoga - which he now dedicates and devotes his life to sharing with others.

Peter invites all levels, from beginner to advanced to come search for their "edge": that special space inside all of us. 

"It’s about giving and taking the time to allow for a deeper connection. 

Balance breath, body and mind."

Dani Dellarco
Known as the "Tony Robbins" of TruFusion, Dani is a badass instructor from Silver Spring, Maryland. Dani spent 3 years living in New York City working in a research lab, before moving to Miami. She was on the path to obtaining a PhD in psychology when she realized that she was not truly pursuing the things she was most passionate about, music, fitness and community. 

Dani was named one of Miami’s upcoming trainers to follow in 2019 by STAYFIT305 and is an ambassador for Lululemon and On Running. Dani’s classes will take you on a journey physically, spiritually, and mentally. Dani believes that fitness can propel you to be the best person you can possibly be. 

Her classes will make you dig deeper and drive harder helping you push your limits and tap into a stronger you. Get ready to ride, job cross, and swing bells with Dani. We promise you’ll leave class feeling strong, motivated and damn proud of what you just accomplished.

From celebrities, athletes to stay at home moms, Rick Chavez loves training all variety of clients. Rick is passionate about teaching and helping others to break their mental barriers, discover their strengths, and achieve their full athletic potential. 

With over 13 years of experience, Rick has professionally trained in a wide variety of modalities including kettlebell, HIIT, TRX, boxing, CrossFit, and Animal Flow. 

Follow Rick on Instagram @bredforgreatness

Olivia Schilling
Olivia began her fitness career at just 19, when she taught her first group pilates class. Since then, she has evolved and expanded her comfort zone, teaching multiple formats of classes. 

Olivia thrives off of seeing the positive aspects of life’s challenges, as it makes them easier to overcome. She is currently also an architecture student, and lives life to the fullest by focusing on her passions. 

Her classes create an atmosphere of fun, confidence, depth, and positivity while challenging you to find your limit — and push past them even further.

Follow Olivia on Instagram @olivia.schilling

What's Included:
    • ​6 Days and 5 nights at the eco-chic Amansala Resort in Tulum Mexico.
    • ​Daily Classes with your hosts Peter Wollenheit, Dani Dellarco, Rick Chavez and Olivia Schilling.
    • ​Three delicious and organic, and locally sourced, farm-to-table meals drinks and snacks each day with the exception of one off-site dinner. 
    • ​Mayan healing rituals to clear and ignite your soul!


    My overall impression of the retreat was it was filled with lots of activities for the day, I met a ton of really cool people, I got to be out of my comfort zone completely, and I enjoyed a bunch of yoga/fitness classes.

    Amanda M.

    It was an amazing journey from day one. I couldn't ask for more!

    Herni H.

    The retreat was one of the best experiences I have had in my life! The activities, exercises, and opportunities to connect with positive and like-minded people were so wonderful! 

    Sarah M.

    It was such a great atmosphere in a beautiful location and everyone was so nice and welcoming. Even though I didn't know too many people before the retreat, everyone felt like a friend and I greatly appreciated everyone who was there.


    It was a perfect trip and exactly what I was looking for! Special thanks to everyone for accommodating and including my family on the retreat. It was so nice to come back home so recharged and "transformed" and my family knows exactly what I've been through because we were there together. Our little family will remember this retreat as one of the best vacations and I will be forever grateful! 

    Jae G.
    Is this retreat right for me?
    This retreat is perfect for solo travelers, friends or couples looking to experience something beyond just going on vacation. 

    Keep it Casual or Go Deep.

    This retreat is the perfect “fusion” of activity and downtime, a harmonious blend of adventure, wellness, fitness, yoga and much deserved relaxation. 

    If you want to connect and challenge your body and mind, ignite positive shifts, and enjoy conversations with a soul tribe that makes you feel a part of something, this trip is for you.
    The Lasting Impact
    Self-care isn’t selfish. 

    It’s a revolutionary act... a road back to yourself. 

    The real essence of self-care is being true to who you are, so you aren’t living your life for other people. It’s about making choices from a place of love and connection rather than guilt and obligation. 

    Whether you’re running your own business or a household (or both) and need a break from your daily grind, or can feel you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough this retreat is for you. 

    You’ll practice letting-go, and releasing negative emotions that hinder your personal flourishing. 

    We guarantee, that when you take time for yourself, you will become more powerful, productive and effective to take on more. Your life will be changed forever.

    Invest in yourself and join us on a journey of supreme self-care, absolute enjoyment and personal progress like you’ve never experienced before. 
    Plus, awesome Bonuses!
    ✓   Professional photography throughout your journey.

    ✓   ​Retreat Welcome Kit featuring tons of amazing goodies.

    ✓   Access to private Facebook Group for wellness, support
         and connection!

    ​ ​✓  Ritual Recharge Wellness Guide

    ​ ✓  Retreat Workbook

    ​ ✓  Personal Wellness Assessment

    Yes I'm in!
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    Tulum Quintana Roo, Mexico Located approximately 2 hrs south on the coast from Cancun.
    It is usually sunny and comfortable. Thunderstorms are a possibility this time of the year, but fortunately any storms are short-lived and pass through quickly. The chance of rain on any given day is 20 percent.July, August and September are the hottest months and December, January and February are the breeziest, especially in the evenings.Tropical showers are expected in August-November, but they usually pass quickly, leaving clear blue skies, lots of warmth and sunshine.
    Absolutely! The program is designed for both men and women.
    Yes, yes, YES! Ritual recharge is a great option for a solo vacation. Meals are served communal and you can be as social or as private as you like. You can definitely expect to make lifelong friends on this retreat. Amansala is also considered a very safe place to travel as a solo man or woman.
    All levels of experience are welcome! Our classes will be accessible, challenging, playful and fun for everyone and designed to accommodate ALL fitness and yoga levels. Modifications can be applied to your individual needs. There is no competition and our goal is for everyone to be comfortable.
    All of the water, ice and beverages at Amansala are prepared using filtered water and are completely safe. All of the fruits and vegetables are cleaned and soaked in an iodine solution.
    Yes, both alcohol and caffeine are served. Amansala’s motto is moderation, not deprivation and this is your holiday. If you have specific goals, such as giving up caffeine, we can work with you on this during your trip. Alcohol is not included with your package, but if you ever want a margarita, Amansala makes great drinks!
    Usually, although it depends upon your carrier, it is best to check directly with your provider prior to arrival. The connection is not always the best from the beach, but you should be able to find connection somewhere on the property.
    Wireless available at is available for $20/week for the duration of your stay.
    Car rental is not recommended. Taxis are readily available and day trips can be arranged.
    Yes, there are four lovable white labs that live at Amansala. They love all the guests and make everyone feel at home!
    Yes. You can pre-book additional massages and/or facials by contacting the resort.
    The motto of Amansala’s food program is moderation not deprivation. They serve lots of fresh fruits and veggies, fresh local fish and chicken. The meal plan is based on the philosophy of “from the earth to your plate”, so we avoid preservatives and processed foods. Meals are low calorie (but not too low), high fiber, full of valuable nutrients and lots of flavor.The kitchen is open all day and can prepare healthy snacks whenever necessary. Vegetarian requests are also accommodate
    You may have children stay with you at the resort for an additional fee, but classes, activities and group meals are reserved for adults.

    What's Not Included?
    • Your round-trip airfare.
    • ​Transportation cost to and from the airport (shuttle service is provided).
    • ​One off-site meal.  
    • ​Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, extra excursions, taxis, and laundry. 
    • ​Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance. 
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